In this exciting & delightful hands-on workshop, you will learn a wide range of essential techniques in floral sugar art. Packed with tips & techniques, this workshop aims to provide you with the most important skills you need to create beautifully realistic sugar flowers, which will serve as the foundation for your development as a floral sugar artist. 

Learn how to create in sugar gum paste:

  • Pink Japanese anemone
  • Caramel classic rose
  • Hydrangea filler flowers
  • Blueberries
  • 2-3 types of leaves & foliage


It is my sincerest hope that as you practice these techniques and gain more confidence, you will ultimately find your own voice & style.


What You Will Learn in This 3-Day Workshop


1. Homemade gum paste demonstration & recipe, which will enable you to create finer & more beautiful sugar flowers.


2. A basic botanical understanding of the classic rose & Japanese anemone, which will help you to make more beautiful & realistic flowers in sugar gum paste.


3. The tools & materials needed to create the classic rose, Japanese anemone, blueberries, leaves & foliage.


4. An understanding of the methods & techniques to create various elements such as the floral center & stamens, flower buds, petals, wired petals, calyx, blueberries & leaves. 


5. An understanding of Colour Theory, including how to mix any colour from only 3 primary colours, what are secondary & tertiary colours, & how to achieve a modern blush toned & neutral colour palette.


6. Proper colour dusting techniques & tips that will allow you to achieve a realistic, alluring & graduated colour effect on your flowers. You will also learn how to steam your flowers to set in the colour.


7. Useful techniques on how to introduce more texture & realism into your sugar flowers & foliage.


8. How to cover a cake using the torn fondant method with subtle marbling effect.


9. How to assemble your sugar flowers, berries & leaves together in a secure manner.


10. How to assemble your sugar flowers & foliage into "packets" in the optimal way for greater variation & flexibility in your cake design & floral arrangement.


11. Principles of cake design & floral arrangement, including how you use inspiration from natural lines & colours to create your own unique cake design.


12. How to store your gum paste flowers so that they can last forever.


All students will get to take home:


1. A printout of the class materials, which includes the list of tools & materials and instructions; and


2. A box & faux 1-tier cake complete with your own unique sugar flower design arrangement.


Other Notes


There will be a maximum of 3 participants in this workshop, so each student will receive personalised attention.


Lunches & tea breaks will be served during this 3-day workshop. All tools & materials used will also be provided.

The Essence of Romantic Floral Sugar Art (3 Days)

Course Dates
  • 1. All confirmed & paid workshop bookings are non-refundable & non-exchangeable. If you are unable to make it for the class on the scheduled day & time, I will try my best to secure a slot for you in future workshops. Please contact me at or +65-83228358 if you need to reschedule your class, and I will do my best to assist you.

    2. All tools & materials provided are for use during the workshops & masterclasses only.

    3. In the event of weather emergencies, illness or any other extenuating circumstances, we reserve the right to cancel the workshop or masterclass. Students will be issued a full refund if their workshop is cancelled. 

    4. All tools are for in-class usage only.

    5. For any changes to your booking, please contact me ( or +65-83228358) at least 3 business days before the date of your registered workshop, and I will try my best to secure a slot for you in future workshops. 

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