3 Steps to Keep Your Sugar Flowers Forever

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Have you ever wanted to keep the sugar flowers of your cherished wedding or celebration cake as a special memento? Follow these simple steps to keep your sugar flowers beautiful for months or even years.

Sugar flowers in a glass cloche or bell jar

1. Wipe off any excess buttercream / fondant / cake / icing from your sugar flowers.

These materials are highly perishable and contain a lot of moisture, so they will cause your sugar flowers to disintegrate over time. Sugar flowers are made of a gum paste that consists of icing sugar and tylose/gum powder, which is hygroscopic which means that it absorbs any moisture from the air very quickly. Use a very soft cloth or tissue to wipe off every last bit of buttercream or frostings from your flowers, to prevent the sugar flowers from breaking down from the moisture.

2. Place your sugar flowers in a covered box, vase or jar with a small porous sachet of silicon beads.

To keep your flowers upright, stick the stems into a piece of foam or styrofoam. The box does not need to be airtight, just closed & secure enough so that your flowers don't fall out. Be careful not to knock against any delicate or thin parts of the botanical sugar flower arrangement (but if you do, it's not the end of the world!) Better still, you can place your sugar flowers in a glass cloche (which is a jar or base with a glass cover). The reason that it is better for you to keep your sugar flowers in a covered container (especially in Singapore's humid weather) is to prevent any moisture from getting to your flowers, which as we already know will cause your sugar flowers to melt & lose their shape. Remember that after your flowers have touched non-edible materials, they should not be eaten.

Sugar flowers in small vases. While this is a pretty way to display your sugar flowers, it is always best to store your sugar flowers in a covered container or glass cloche (see previous picture).

3. After you have arranged your sugar flowers to your liking, place your vase in a cool and dry spot in your home & enjoy!

You can move the sugar flowers arrangement to different spots if you wish; just make sure that you keep them in a cool & dry place for the majority of the time. The best place would be in an air-conditioned room or a room with a dehumidifier, away from intense sunlight or any oil/moisture. In Singapore's intense humidity, you only need one rainy or extra humid day to find that the moisture in the air has caused your sugar flowers to wilt.

If your sugar flowers do get exposed to too much moisture or humidity, you can place them in a covered box together with a porous sachet filled with food-safe silicon beads. The silicon beads will absorb the excess moisture in the box & help to dry out your flowers. You can also wrap your flowers with some bubble wrap to cushion the petals from getting knocked around & breaking.

Haute Cakes' sugar flowers are made with our signature gum paste recipe, which is customised for the hot & humid weather in Singapore. This gum paste is more hardy than commercial gum paste brands, and will not melt or break especially if you follow the care instructions above.

Do you have any questions about how to take care of your sugar flowers or make them last longer? Leave a comment below or email me at hautecakessingapore@gmail.com & we will try our best to help you!

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